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asexual reproduction by multiple fission

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(2) The second term [zeta][[delta].sub.z][[lambda].sub.4]/([eta][[lambda].sub.z] + [[delta].sub.z][[lambda].sub.4]) represents the expected proportion of merozoites that participate in the cycle of erythrocytic schizogony.
(3,4) Schizogony produces very large schizonts (megaloschizonts) in tissue.
Katzin, "N-linked glycoproteins are related to schizogony of the intraerythrocytic stage in Plasmodium falciparum" Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
falciparum blood-stage parasites [65] but accumulated at the apical region of merozoites during schizogony [66].
To determine the IC50 (minimal concentration that inhibits 50% of parasite schizogony), we made serial dilutions of the extract according to the dry weight obtained in each case.
Neonates are assumed to be able to counteract natural infection with malaria because of the predominance of fetal hemoglobin, which is not suitable for complete erythrocyte schizogony of P.
The distribution of CHQ within human blood is also important because the malaria parasite is intraerythrocytic during schizogony (48).
Asexual reproduction in parasites can be accomplished by several methods including mitotic fission and schizogony. Simple mitotic fission is common in protozoan parasites and occurs by production of two daughter cells.
Extended schizogony of Eimeria mivati in betamethasone treated chickens.
marinus merozoite cells subdivide internally by schizogony, producing multiple daughter cells, which enlarge until the mother cell ruptures releasing the daughter cells that enlarge to repeat the process (Sunila et al.