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asexual reproduction by multiple fission

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3,4) Schizogony produces very large schizonts (megaloschizonts) in tissue.
Schizogony inhibition (%) = schizonts in control schizonts with extract x 100/ schizonts in control.
Neonates are assumed to be able to counteract natural infection with malaria because of the predominance of fetal hemoglobin, which is not suitable for complete erythrocyte schizogony of P.
The distribution of CHQ within human blood is also important because the malaria parasite is intraerythrocytic during schizogony (48).
Schizogony (multiple fission) occurs when the nucleus undergoes several mitotic divisions after which the cytoplasm is divided among daughter cells.
Extended schizogony of Eimeria mivati in betamethasone treated chickens.