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an infestation with or a resulting infection caused by a parasite of the genus Schistosoma

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7) In addition, the hospital where the study was carried out is a reference center for patients with the most severe forms of schistosomiasis mansoni and receives patients from both Recife metropolitan region as well as from the endemic zone of Pernambuco State.
Environmental inducers of Schistosomiasis mansoni in Campinas, Brazil.
New approach to the screening of drugs in experimental Schistosomiasis mansoni in mice.
Frequency of schistosomiasis mansoni, of its clinicopathological forms and of the ectopic locations of the parasite in autopsies in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
IL-10 Regulates Liver Pathology in Acute Murine Schistosomiasis mansoni But Is Not Required for Immune Down- Modulation of Chronic Disease.
Class specific antibodies and fluorescent staining pafferns in acute and chronic schistosomiasis mansoni.
Antunes; Sensitivity, Specificity and Positive Predictive Value of Selected Clinical Sings and Symptoms Associated with Schistosomiasis Mansoni, Int.
Schistosomiasis mansoni is a tropical helminthic disease characterized by parasite egg-induced granulomatous inflammation and cumulative fibrosis.
With the opening of the School of Tropical Medicine, there was renewed interest in schistosomiasis mansoni in the Island.
Clinico-epidemiological study of Schistosomiasis mansoni in Waja-Timuga, District of Alamata, northern Ethiopia.
Effect of praziquantels on sex hormone levels in murine Schistosomiasis mansoni.
Activity of 9- (S) - [3-hydroxy-2- (phosphonomethoxy) propyl] adenine against Schistosomiasis mansoni in mice.