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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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The chlorite schists have a schistose structure defined primarily by chlorite and a granolepidoblastic and locally poiquiloblastic texture.
Rare black and crenulated kernels from 1mm to 3mm maximum dimension, incorporated within several crenulations of the schistose micas are petrographically identified as being "carbonaceous", being composed of compact ultrafine graphite, individual flake size
Prediction of strength properties of some schistose rocks from petrographic properties using artificial neural networks.
The antivenene is produced from the venom of a single species, Enhydrina schistose, and it has also been found that tiger shake antivenene offers considerable cross-protection against the venom of these marine reptiles.
Composite quartz, Schistose quartz and Pressure quartz, a brief description of which are given below.
Such intrusions may strengthen the host rock and cause the particular mass to be more resistant than the surrounding rock, hence such residuals as The Pinnacles, near Broken Hill in western New South Wales (figure 3), which are upstanding by virtue of pods of quartz injected into the local schistose country rock; and many of the granitic and gneissic inselbergs of the Yilgarn and Pilbara cratons, which are upstanding because they are "scaffolded and fortified" by sills and dykes (HOLMES, 1918: 92).
At the Naizin site, the soil was formed in a colluvial-alluvial system on top of a schistose saprolite.
The specimens were cut out from pieces of thermoanthracite irrelatively of their schistose structure, which stipulated difference in the results of measurements because of anisotropy of properties of the schistose structure materials in general and thermoanthracite in particular [2].
Structure of the crust in the schistose domain of Galicia-Tra-os-Montes (NW Iberia Peninsula).
TABLE 1 Soil Groups (5) Soil Group Parent material Chandler/Talledaga Hard talcose schist and mica schist Chester Micaceous schist; white quartzite present on uplands Edgemont Quartz schist, quartzitic sandstone, quartzite conglomerate, pure quartzite Glenelg/Chester Micaceous schists Hagerstown/Duffield Limestone Highfield Metabasalt with considerable quartzite Linganore Hard slaty schist or phyllite Manor/Glenelg Thin, platty schistose rock Myersville/Fauquier Metabasalt Penn/Readington/Croton Red, Triassic-age sandstone and shale
In southern Jordan, this structure has been subdivided into the lower Aqaba complex, comprised of a sequence of schistose and gneissic metamorphic remnants and plutonic rocks, and the overlying Araba complex, made up principally of alkaline, rhyolitic lavas and sub-volcanic intrusions.