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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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Caption: The kitchen has textural schist granite countertops.
Sample ARQ-227 ARQ-231 ARQ-228 ARQ-171 Lithology Grt Act Grt bearing Grt bearing amphibolite schist act schist act schist Si[O.
The Quartz Mica Schist unit in chainage 2275-3600m was observed generally light grey to grey in colour, moderately hard, and weathered at the surface.
It's great fun to try to figure out rock identities even as the water-polished pebbles afford an endless variety of gneisses, granitic rocks, schists, shales, black mudstones, and white quartzite.
All selected soils are deep, basalt derived Bidar soil is moderately deep and the schist derived Hira and the limestone derived Shahabad soils are deep.
1 Description of weathering profile over quartz mica schist
This group of rocks consists of three main lithologies: (i) a monotonous sequence of schists and quartz-schists; (ii) fine-grained gneisses with intercalations or boudins of schists and metabasites; and (iii) metabasites which, in the vicinity of the gneisses, contain boudins of fine-grained gneisses and schists.
Six plots of one hectare were selected in the two main geomorphologic domains, that is, three replicates per domain: plots CP3, CP2, and CP4 in the schist domain and plots CP1, CP7, and CP6 in the volcanic-plutonic domain.
The land is used for agriculture and it has areas of grassland steppe with small exploitations of green schist for building stone and, more recently, increasingly larger areas for the production of electricity.
Prominent rock units include granite gneiss, migmatites, schist/ quartz schist, porphyritic granite, fine-medium grained granite and charnockite.
Highly graphitic schist was intersected from 28m to 71m.
Seismic constructions suggest that the main rocks in the section are presented by mica schist and black shale.
The Kagi Metamorphics are composed of leucocratic felsic chlorite-muscovite -quartz-feldspar schist (low grade greenschist facies), some garnet-mica schist and minor metabasite (Department of Mineral Resources, unpublished).
Nevada (US), Dec 2 (ANI): Possible source of sedimentary material that became Vishnu Schist in Grand Canyon (Arizona, USA) include Australia, North China, and Antarctica, suggests a new research.
However, Gemfields executives suspected that the emerald-bearing quartz veins which are occasionally encountered in the schist might, with proper preparation, yield fine emerald specimens for collectors and museums.