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Synonyms for schismatical

of or relating to or involved in or characteristic of schism


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In his view, Smart was a hot-headed Puritan driven by schismatical hatred.
(26) Henry Dodwell, Separation of Churches from Episcopal Government, as Practised by the Present Non-confomrists, Proved Schismatical (London, 1679), pp.
These protests indicated the establishment's fear of the potentially destabilizing, influences of such "schismatical and enthusiastic proceedings" among the emancipated slaves.
Mathias quotes Blackstone in support: "'In a criminal prosecution, the tendency which all libels have to create animosities and disturb the peace, is the whole which the law considers.'" Mathias then throws his opponents' words back at them, daring them to show how any part of his work is "'blasphemous, immoral, treasonable, schismatical, seditious, or scandalous'" (Pursuits viii).
309] says that it appears that the principle objective was the control of "licentious schismatical and scandalous publications" and further that by diminishing profitability, publishers would be more "amenable to ministerial control" [1952, p.
William Blackstone held that "where blasphemous, immoral, treasonable, schismatical, seditious, or scandalous libels are punished by the English law, ...
Erroneous and Schismatical Opinions is not quite history, but it does contain the raw materials out of which history can be made.
It is significant to note that Blackstone excepted certain categories of utterances as not being included in protected speech, including speech that was "blasphemous, immoral, treasonable, schismatical, seditious, or scandalous libels." (12) This led to the early distinction which became rooted in American law between prior restraint and subsequent punishment, the definition and elucidation of which distinction an entire series of lectures could easily be composed.