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Synonyms for schismatic

a person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

Synonyms for schismatic

of or relating to or involved in or characteristic of schism


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The authors highlight the Donatist Council of Bagai (394 CE) for accepting schismatic baptism, but surely the Council of 336 constituted a stunning breach of Cyprianic principles when Donatus received apostates (ex-Catholics) without the purifying rite of penance.
Chrissis shows that the earlier rhetoric of 'recovery of the schismatic Greeks' was gradually replaced by their portrayal as Eastern 'heretics' needing punishment.
It's interesting that the effort to "grow and sustain" a Catholic community seems to focus on ultraconservative Anglicans, the schismatic Society of St.
Almost immediately his Puritan views resulted in his being viewed as a dangerous schismatic.
They may have played a larger role in the articulation of cossack religion, Orthodox or Schismatic, for the Upper Reaches held the only cossack monasteries.
Senn's positive appraisal of the Petrine ministry is surprising from a Lutheran, even one who presents Lutheranism as a schismatic Catholic, rather than a Reformed, church; it appears to be influenced by his agreement with papal teachings on questions of human sexuality that presently divide Lutherans more visibly than Catholics.
The president of the group is one Valentina Sereni, whom I will openly call an Italian putana, and her point is that the epic poem, which consists of 100 cantos, represents Islam as a heresy and Muhammad as a schismatic and refers to Jews as greedy, scheming moneylenders and traitors.
A schismatic division in the early Christian church
SSPX is the schismatic group of Catholics formed under the leadership of the former Archbishop of Algiers Marcel Lefebvre after the Vatican Council.
The Serbian Orthodox Church regards the self-proclaimed Macedonian Church as schismatic and sees its territory as falling under its Ohrid Archbishopric.
Henry VIII's Treason Act of 1534 made it a capital offence to call the king 'a heretic, a schismatic, a tyrant, an infidel or an usurper" but the law died with him.
Formally and by regulation, splitting banks into "utility" banks and investment banks may eventually happen (as was the case in the USA from the 1930s through to the 1980s), but for the time being our banking system remains in any event practically schismatic.
As he explores the teachings of Orthodox icons he also explains the liturgy and sacraments, dogma, the constitution and rule of the Orthodox Church, the structure of Church life (national, schismatic and immigrant), missionary work, Orthodox culture, ethical and political concerns, and the relationships amongst Rome, Byzantium and Moscow.
Rolf Zuberbuhler examines the demythologized, practical Christianity of Pastor Lorenzen in Der Stechlin, and finds that it owes more to the schismatic 'left' wing of Christian Socialism headed by Friedrich Naumann than to the 'conservative' part of the movement led by Adolf Stocker.