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Synonyms for schism

Synonyms for schism

Synonyms for schism

division of a group into opposing factions


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the formal separation of a church into two churches or the withdrawal of one group over doctrinal differences

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A report published by AMAN-Coalition for Integrity and Accountability, a Palestinian non-governmental organsation, has said that the ongoing struggle for power and the internal schism between Fatah and Hamas has "created a new environment for corruption", the pan-Arab daily ASHARQ AL AWSAT reported on Wednesday.
If these groups would truthfully examine the history of the difficulty, they would realize that the current schism in the Anglican Church of Canada was precipitated by the bishop of New Westminster, Michael Ingham, who unilaterally decided to allow within his diocese, the blessing of same-sex relationships and marriage.
Michael Cartwright and Peter Ochs edited these essays for publication under the same title as the desktop packet, The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited (Grand Rapids, Mi.
Bishop Peric has linked the visions to the schism of a group of Franciscan brothers and priests, now expelled by the Order of Friars Minor, which had allegedly "administered the sacraments profanely, while others invalidly" or "assisted at invalid marriages.
Described, tellingly, as "a show of signs," it was characterized by an austere visual elegance and a self-conscious acknowledgment of an ideological schism that might once have led to its categorization (or condemnation) as radical chic.
This pope had come to oversee an ecumenical council that aimed to end a 36-year schism during which two competing lines of popes had claimed the See of Peter.
It's a reasonable request, said Robinson, whose consecration sparked an international schism and the formation of the commission that generated the report.
Frank Norris movement and the Bible Baptist schism, and the adoption of the Baptist Faith and Message (BFM) in 1925 as a confessional statement, while in the North, an ongoing conflict raged inside the Northern Baptist Convention over whether the New Hampshire Confession of 1833 should be made normative.
church polarized, adrift in pope's wake," you speak of the possibility of rupture and even schism on the part of American Catholics.
Both worked to resolve the Great Schism, promote conciliarism and, in general, cleanse a corrupt late medieval church.
The schism within the party erupted into a power struggle between moderate and conservative factions, with Rodgers representing the latter.
Schism is now a reality in the Anglican Church of Canada.
One senses that Professor Boyarin carries in his own body--both his flesh and his work--the marks of the Jewish-Christian schism, that his reception of John Howard Yoder's call to visit again that schism is an occasion for a deeply ethical interrogation of the historical and contemporary forces unleashed by the division of Christianity from Judaism, forces that have overwhelmingly shaped both geopolitical alignments and spiritual boundary lines, forces that have been central to Boyarin's life and work.
In England, the London Times repeated the phrase in capital letters the next day with the lead sentence, "The Episcopal Church in America descended into chaos last night after leading bishops on both the liberal and conservative wings disassociated themselves from a last-gasp effort to avert a schism with the worldwide Anglican communion.