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(Yiddish) a confused situation or affair


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Schemozzle is a live threat but several horses who had tough races at Royal Ascot have since disappointed.
He added, somewhat wistfully, "I had a wonderful opportunity of really hurting him during the schemozzle which followed the fight.
Makin said: "She was undoubtedly unlucky at Brighton when there was a schemozzle which cost her the race, while she didn't quite get the seven furlongs at Epsom.
Now a lot of people may have tired of this particular schemozzle: politics and rugby are uncomfortable bedfellows and, in any case, it involves only a couple of dozen of England's 2000-odd clubs.
Daly added: "It was very hard sending off the two boys for a bit of a schemozzle around the goal.
"I think giving the four lads yellow cards was a bit harsh because it was only a bit of a schemozzle, there wasn't much to it but so be it, they're the rules, we have to abide by them."
In the end it was a fairly good schemozzle." Loughnane reflects on '98.
"I suppose there was a few little schemozzles last week and it was just about badly-timed tackles.