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formulate in regular order

give conventional form to


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Based on the promising role of mind mapping in supporting children in processing and schematizing texts and the different concerns regarding actual mind mapping research, two main research questions are addressed in the present study:
A comprehensive bibliography is complemented by an exhaustive listing of the biblical texts using "koinonia" and its referents, a chart schematizing the use of koinonia language in LARC dialogues, and a chronology of LARC relations.
The author shows convincingly how Rosenzweig's way of schematizing revelation as love is founded on Rosenzweig's love with Gritli and Eugen.
What distinguishes Hatchuel's book is its interest less in offering full-scale readings of individual Shakespeare films than in schematizing and methodically analyzing the formal resources and choices available to Shakespearean filmmakers.
However, while Berne's book results in schematizing and simplification of human interactions for the general audience, Young's work, with its meticulous attention to detail and penetrating insights, sustains the highest level of scholarly research and inscribes human psychology into a complex literary universe, studying simultaneously the superimposed scripts of the characters and the way Dostoevsky' s fiction refracts these human interactions and is shaped by them.
But here, too, Jameson's own schematizing habits of mind (in full flower here) discern a fundamental bifurcation at work, and, borrowing and retooling the categories of other thinkers as he so often does, he proposes that we grasp the construction of Utopian texts in terms of Coleridge's distinction between Fancy and Imagination.
Later, I read Anton Ehrenzweig's commentary, in The Hidden Order of Art, on the relation of the maze to the creative search, and realized that my approach to core and branch meandering was a way of schematizing the labyrinth I entered when I started to work on a poem.
Moreover, anchored on the inflated key concepts of aesthetics, Liu Kang's schematizing analysis runs the risk of reducing the rich and complex political history of modern China to merely aesthetic phenomena.
But surely he does not; the "acts" of synthesis to which Kant appeals--the reproductive and productive syntheses of the imagination, or the schematizing of the categories--are not the acts of an already-conscious, already-unified, already-thinking subject; they are, rather, preconscious processes responsible for the simultaneous emergence of consciousness, subjectivity, unity, and thought.
83] The fundamental equality heralded by the new Laws thus resolves the inconsistencies of d'Urfe's Neoplatonism while schematizing the basic dynamics of salon writing.