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Synonyms for schematize

formulate in regular order

give conventional form to


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Luke consistently schematizes the succession between John and Jesus.
It is the reader," in the broadest sense, Kearney says, summarizing Ricoeur, "who accompanies the interplay of innovation and sedimentation, who schematizes employment, plays with narratives gaps, and, finally, refigures what the author," or a tradition (one might add), "configures and defigures.
This article schematizes the evidence for an understanding of "know" and of other terms of epistemic appraisal that embody contextualism or subject-sensitive invariantism, and distinguishes between those two approaches.
He schematizes different theories, breaks down their components and sets them in motion to interrogate their conceptual assumptions about the social functions of religion.
Moreover, he schematizes the varied reception and ardent debate over the Virgin's birth from the time of the Church Fathers to the Council of Basle and tells how the cult of the Immaculate Conception ultimately became practiced throughout France and Europe by the mid-fourteenth century.
Making use of many of Ellison's noted literary antecedents, Benston schematizes a complex of naming that fundamentally consists of two inextricable components: an Emersonian/Ahabian desire for mastering phenomena and an Ishmaelian/Ellisonian resistance to being mastered by the name (155-56).
Figure 2 schematizes the various steps, relevant methods, and their approximate time requirements from receipt of tissues in the laboratory to availability of microscopic sections for diagnosis.