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formulate in regular order

give conventional form to


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Through situating interrelated activities in a realistic environment, Abner enables students to efficiently schematize and index their knowledge, and facilitates later retrieval.
This questionnaire is an example of a conceptual matrix, and is a tool that schematizes episodic memory by providing a structure for gaining information from an otherwise unorganized database.
If we can schematize the free exercise doctrine after Smith, it would look like this: For any secular value V, the state may rank V above any religious value R (so long as R is manifest in conduct and not merely belief or expression).
The carefully researched and readable essays not only synthesize and schematize earlier investigations but also push further into new arenas of investigation, notably the eucharistic theology found in the medieval jurists and several popular devotions and piety.
The most interesting addition made in this section is the claim that personal identity is dependent on memory and the productive imagination's ability to schematize an object.
Taylor takes stock of several attempts to schematize the differences between modernism and postmodernism, and finds them all wanting.
One is reminded of other attempts to schematize history, such as Arnold Toynbee's challenges and responses.
A noted literary scholar and avant-garde poet, Vayenas dramatizes very modern viewpoints, often using extreme irony or tongue-in-cheek black humor to show that technical features from the past may well be used to dress up or schematize contemporary or current ideas, attitudes or feelings, and themes.
The Coleridge of "We are Seven" is not, to be sure, the Coleridge of the Biographia written nearly two decades later, but since both Wordsworth and Coleridge remain in constant dialogue with each other as well as with younger versions of themselves--dialogues not always easy to distinguish--one should be careful not to schematize the opposition between them prematurely.
DeJean, 22-23, refers to the example of the Princesse de Conti's provincial salon in order to schematize the process of "salon writing": a gathering of literate nobility provides commentary and suggestions for revision of novels dictated by a presiding woman to a male scribe.
In building networks of support, activists schematize and explain events and social relationships by framing issues in a manner that resonates with their audience and differentiates between competing movements or groups.
To briefly schematize the two axes, we might note that the natural-unnatural axis orients itself according to issues of norms and normalcy, of morality, and of behavior; this axis is primarily egalitarian, applying equally to all member of the community, defining what are "right" and "wrong" actions.
Initially at least, with the degree of concord between grammatical form and deictic function increasing as we move from left to the fight along the continuum, we can schematize the possible discourse functions of textual you as follows, with the question marks indicating the indeterminate boundaries - the shifting form-function relations - characteristic of doubly deictic you:
As in the case of sociology generally, these categories are used post factor to schematize centuries of history.
Ellen Brusselmans's slightly out-of-focus photograph of a shimmering swimming pool was lovely, but to schematize, abstract, or blur does not automatically enact transformation.