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formulate in regular order

give conventional form to


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At the same time, the author has introduced a series of diagrams to present the specific creation processes/ ideas in establishing some criteria of analysis and evaluation of the solutions, variants and ideas in technical creation (Gherghel, 2003a) and in establishing of the schematizations and symbols of some variants of extensible aligning and clamping mechanisms.
Just as the epistemological and representational values associated with a particular cartographic enterprise will generate the contours and outlines of particular maps, the schematizations associated with isochronal time generate a progressive account out of moments so depicted.
Even the discourse that could connect photography to painting seems forgotten, so that a near-photorealistic modulation of specific forms can be augmented by drippings, elements of free drawing, or comic schematizations.
11) Instead these schematizations of state forms represent different tactics of governing.
Such schematizations allow readers literally to "see" new information inside an identifiable framework.