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Synonyms for schematization

providing a chart or outline of a system

the act of reducing to a scheme or formula

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To this end he provides a schematization of the virtues (85).
The latter offers significantly biased information, however, because of the unrealistic schematization of the geometry of the pore channels and the neglect of the so called bottle necks in the pore system (Diamond, 2000).
Darnton's well-known schematization for the book cycle envisages four stages: creation, production, distribution, and reception.
However, he concludes that Estrella distante remains "explicitly engaged in the Schmittian schematization of the potential place of friends and enemies in the aftermath of the military coup of 1973" (138).
Therefore, most of the investigations reported in the literature in which the numerical simulation of both the long-term and the short-term behavior of ground loop heat exchangers under TRT conditions are presented are based on some kind of approximation, and they have mostly been developed by adopting a two-dimensional numerical schematization to estimate the same parameters generally considered within the LSM approach, i.
But as these terms are never quite so singularly ascribable to representational phenomena as Ault's schematization would suggest, our reading must not stop there; nor can we ignore the demanding presence of that other dimension of existence, the real, which resists symbolization--even when that symbology is articulated through absences.
Although, as Miller himself admits, such a schematization risks reenacting the dynamics of linear progression associated with Enlightenment ideology, his readings persuasively illustrate an ambivalent endorsement of the centre-periphery logic in the modern second wave (represented by Carpentier, James, and Chauvet) that is rejected by the later postmodern writers.
In this regard, the Universita degli Studi di Tor Vergata and Universita degli Studi di Salerno realized a reference model to supply a structural approach for the schematization of the manufacturing environment in order to improve performance operations.
The resulting schematization allows a reasonable degree of standardization, in spite of the highly complex processes in customer-specific machinery and plant engineering.
What had seemed like an easy schematization of experience (between ordered and disordered, good and bad) has crumbled--as all totalitarian conceptions seem liable to do--before the fact of desire and the demands of art.
Ecclesiam suam also had a more implicit impact upon Unitatis redintegratio through its schematization of the position of the Church in relation to religious others as a series of concentric circles with the Church located at the center (E.
jT/YTSS'" denote the agent x acts according to the jT principle of decision-making, strategy, and action (a theoretical/practical and comprehensive approach with a method of trial and error, Tonn, 2009c) under the constraint of YT/SS impactor (method of Y-technical operations/steady-state schematization and specifications), "x(Act)" denote the human element x with action "Act", "[?
The idea was to provide legal experts and citizens with the text of legislation using typical dialogs and arguments as auxiliary navigation tools for the schematization and representation of legislation.
the rules can only arise as schematization of overtly occurring expressions.