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Once verified the consistency of the 1D schematization and of the combustion and knock sub-models, the 1D model is employed to carry out a numerical engine calibration at medium-high loads.
14) As far as the author of the current paper knows, Wisniewski's schematization of the fields of the sciences of human action have, up to this date, made the subject of a blog post, and was not published in another publication.
Planning or schematization organization coordination and control that galic has developed these in an abbreviation of Posdcorb.
Modified in 1988 by a subcommittee of the American Fertility Society (now the American Society of Reproductive Medicine), (2) the classification remains the most widely accepted schematization and addresses uterovaginal anomalies.
These subtypes are based on figure morphology (specially the trunk) and the degree of schematization used to represent the motif.
The hierarchical structure and the clear system of interrelationships and subordination in hospital, the standardization and formalization of personnel behaviors are conducive to rigidity and schematization of their activities.
The performance evaluation of the model shows that the model has high prediction efficiency signifying that the model has high accuracy and precision and can be used for schematization and watershed project.
For that we need a schematization of the virtues in the text.
And even when something an expression talks about is in front of us our imagined schematization typically overrides its perception.
Indeed, starting from the re-reading of the phenomenological reduction by Husserl, fundamentally interpreted as probe of the precategorical or life-world (Lebenswelt), the dimension underlying the schematization of the reflexive thinking, the French philosopher intends to return to the still open questions in The Structure of Behavior.
The paper stresses the effects of stereotyping and schematization that this process entails, and the social and political 'creative' outcomes that such an operation will finally produce.
In order to perform a kinematical analysis, the schematization of the mechanisms was made, as seen in Fig.
As Spence (1993) suggests, gender is a multifactorial phenomenon, to which it is difficult to ascribe a single construct of gender schematization.
the concept of word family accounts for semantic commonalities shared within the family and explains how schematization is achieved in the transition from exemplar-based analogy to construction schema entrenchment (see Huning 2009 on semantic fragmentation based on word families and their further development into 'semantic niches').
The capitalist society was based on a "forced schematization of the existence," (12) which was assured by the transformation of the economic sphere into an organicist ambience, with the systemic tensions typical of the political sphere taking possession of the economic sphere.