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Synonyms for schematize

formulate in regular order

give conventional form to


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As such, they are iconic, quasi-perceptual schematisations of mental materials regulated by concepts according to directionality, quality, quantity, and degree of nonverbal abstraction, strictly trained and monitored by the speech community.
283) The kind of iconic mental schematisations at the heart of the semantics of imaginability would qualify, except that mentalism is not part of Fitch's research paradigm.
While all three camps defend some version of "meaning", externalism locates it outside the human mind, intensionalism in definitions, and the semantics of imaginability in the association of word sounds and mental iconic schematisations.
La fonction de production, qui s'ecrit : P = f (K, L)6, est le point de depart vers des schematisations extremes : un monde oE ne s'interferent que des courbes (Isoquants, iso couts)7.
The transcendental idea (for instance, that of human rights) is unique, while its schematisations are multiple.