schematic drawing

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diagram of an electrical or mechanical system


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Schematic drawings of dies for angled back relief (back of the die cut away at a fixed angle); linear face relief (local die land proportional to die opening gap) and quadratic face relief (local die land proportional to square of die opening gap) are shown in figure 2.
The non-traditional poetry format developed for exploration of the Spittelau Heating Plant is called a schematic poem because the worksheet diagram resembles a schematic drawing.
Figure 3 presents a schematic drawing of a typical automatic in-stream inoculation utilizing compressed air as the inoculant carrier.
Using aerial photography, he discovered that children as young as four years old can orient themselves to a schematic drawing using a bird's-eye perspective.
SDT allows an engineer to design, modify, and print a neat and clean schematic drawing, which is the blueprint for the construction of a printed circuit board.
This schematic drawing shows a typical power supply connection to a coreless induction furnace coil.
385/380 BCE) and times, period map of Greece, schematic drawing of the theater of Dionysos at Athens, and glossary of Greek words.
Figure 1 is a schematic drawing of the NIST nonlinearity measurement system for characterizing high-power laser detectors.
A component parts list is provided for each model, along with a schematic drawing.
Features include a map of ancient Greece, chronology of Aristophones' life and times, schematic drawing of the Theater of Dionysos at Athens, recommended cuts and actor doublings, glossaries, and a bibliography.
Each schematic drawing depicted a different county in Kansas or Missouri, eliciting identification in its inhabitants (past and present) but a curious emptiness in the rest of us.
Back home, he'd have a schematic drawing showing him the machine's wiring.
Figure 1 shows a schematic drawing of the simple experimental setup used to make these measurements.
The schematic drawing of crosslinking network structure is shown in figure 4.