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Synonyms for schema

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

Synonyms for schema

an internal representation of the world

a schematic or preliminary plan

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Objective: To examine the mediating role of maladaptive schemas between permissive/authoritarian parenting by fathers and personality disorders, including histrionic, antisocial, narcissistic and depressive attitudes among adults.
Authoritarian parenting had positive correlation with early maladaptive schemas (p<0.
Alice's Adventures in the Wonderland contains many instances of a play on context exploiting the disruption of schema giving rise to humour as well as creating a text- world that is very different from the ordinary world around us.
Alternatively deliberate choice of unintended meaning can cause schema disruption.
The Young Schema Questionnaire--Long Form, Third Edition (YSQ-L3; Young & Brown 2003), a 232-item self-report measure, was used to assess early maladaptive schemas.
New comparison engine: completely redesigned database schema compare engine is faster, more efficient, easily configurable and scalable.
These meta-structures are classified into three categories addressing schema construction, lifespan and context.
A schema mapping is a high-level specification that describes the relationship between two database schemas.
These are referencing to the schema, including the schema, importing the schema, and redefining the schema elements.
Problem solving involves the activation of contextual schema, language, and mathematical schema stored in long-term memory.
Chapter 5 explains two methods to create your own new simple types in XML Schema.
The general consensus appears to be that while XML documents and schemas are ideal for defining the structural, formatting, and encoding constraints for a particular domain's metadata scheme, a different type of language is required for defining meaning or semantics.
Deane (1992: 68), in turn, argues that the LINK, PART-WHOLE, and CENTRE-PERIPHERY image-schemas make up "a higher level schema characterizing objects as integrated wholes".
XML parsers read schema files and use their information to encode and decode data records.
Nasdaq:MCTR), has announced the general availability of its XML Schema Importer Version 6.
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