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a mineral used as an ore of tungsten

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The heavy mineral concentrates mainly consist of Fe-Ti oxides--rutile and ilmenite, widespread cassiterite, wolframite and scheelite.
The degree of liberation of scheelite mineral was measured by grain mounts.
063 mm fraction at the Sisson deposit also contain up to 150,000 scheelite grains/10 kg in the pan concentrate fraction (Appendix A), with most grains between 25 and 200 pm in size (McClenaghan et al.
Meanwhile, the Sandaozhuang molybdenum and tungsten mine has a reserve of approximately 407,200 tonnes of scheelite associated with molybdenum, making it the second largest scheelite mine in China after Shizhuyuan scheelite mine.
The initial results of the current metallurgical test-work programme have indicated that a coarser crushed product size of -5 million will achieve liberation of the scheelite, further simplifying the process plant flow-sheet and resulting in cost savings.
Especially since World War II, the pegmatites of the state of Minas Gerais have yielded some of the world's finest specimens of topaz, chrysoberyl, euclase, elbaite, and beryl (in all of its colored varieties); phosphate-rich pegmatites of the same state have furnished the world's finest specimens of brazilianite, beryllonite, eosphorite, hydroxylherderite, amblygonite and more; complex pegmatites of other kinds have provided cassiterite, xenotime, monazite and several rare-earth species; Brazilian specimens of titanite, phenakite, fluorapatite, kyanite, scheelite, spessartine and bertrandite are among the world's very best.
Up to the end of the 1919-20 fiscal year, this guaranteed purchase by Britain allowed New Zealand to sell beef, mutton, lamb and other meats worth around 7 percent of total GNP, (31) along with cheese, wool and scheelite.
Scheelite calcium tungstate is well known for their interesting luminescence and structural particularities and therefore has been extensively studied during the past century.
Subjects include PL of disordered titanates from a joint experimental and theoretical analysis, mechanisms behind PL emission in scheelite structures, microplasma synthesis of tunable photoluminescent Si quantum dots, and sulfide semiconductor nanostructures and PL properties.
Sulfide minerals in the quartz veins are much more varied than in replacement ores; pyrite masses in the former contain up to 2% arsenopyrite and trace to minor amounts of galena, sphalerite, scheelite, pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, cosalite and bismuthinite.
Scheelite Canyon, a beautiful canyon with tremendous diversity, is home to perhaps one of the best known territories for the Mexican spotted owl on public land.
Scheele's experiment had demonstrated that the mineral tung-sten, later to be named scheelite, did indeed contain a new element.
Tourmalinization of wall rock and the occurrence of scheelite as an ore mineral, along with wolframite, is restricted to Balda.
has received virtually no previous lode gold exploration, however historic placer gold operations returned gold with associated native bismuth, scheelite and gold-bearing native bismuth metals more commonly associated with gold deposits of the Tintina Gold Belt of Interior Alaska and the Yukon.
3] is produced through a multi-step alkaline-based leaching process of either scheelite or wolframite concentrates.