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setting an order and time for planned events

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After looking at a variety of different scheduling scenarios, we settled on a schedule that we estimate saved the University over $85,000 in energy costs during the summer alone.
Planning and scheduling simply prioritize and organize work.
This latest version of the scheduling and resource management system now supports enterprise-level security and automatically schedules and launches video calls, when combined with Forgent's Video Network Platform (VNP).
I can't remember how many debates I've heard about the relative merits of scheduling around core production, melt or molds.
Plastics Management Software is an integrated manufacturing package that provides traditional MRP II functionality and includes additional modules for on-time delivery performance, quality control, interactive scheduling, job costing by part number, and inventory control.
As one of the smaller schools in our area, we try to be selective about our independent scheduling.
Hopkins and Johnson (1988) note the positive effects of work schedule modification on worker satisfaction, and the benefits in terms of transportation and flexibility in scheduling medical treatments.
Each trade is given individual scheduling parameters which are coordinated through the overall Master Schedule.
In certain situations, a detailed scheduling exercise may not be necessary for every tax jurisdiction or the scheduling process may be limited to only certain temporary differences.
0 for its popular dispatch and scheduling solution that works with enterprise asset management (EAM) systems.
VSS gives users the ability to schedule shifts in seconds, track time-off requests, make changes to the schedule quickly, print weekly and 28-day staff schedules, print individual 1- to 42-day schedules and monthly calendars, improve scheduling accuracy, view shift coverage, and avoid schedule conflicts.
For Minnesota sole practitioner Leota Goodney, the use of flexible and part-time scheduling for employees is "the way I've been able to survive.
Maintenance Management Information System offers preventive and real-time maintenance scheduling, as well as work-order tracking and inventory monitoring.
For instance, a routing card printed by the system could be a second level of computerization after the basic scheduling and control are in place.
The integration will help project managers and project teams improve the management and success of scheduling and tracking initiatives.
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