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computer hardware that arranges jobs to be done by the computer in an appropriate order

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When designing TTC architecture, the most cases are employed a typical "TTC-Dispatch" scheduler because this scheduler is simple and very useful while using in a resource-constrained system.
Sample Scheduler gives labs the ability to streamline the analytical workflow using a master sequence to link LIMS to their CDS.
In fact, task scheduler is choosing a suitable job from the work queue based on some rules and then choosing some tasks from the job to give them computing resources.
Resource Scheduler is Asure's SaaS-based application designed for the management of shared workspace and other organisational assets.
ComponentOne, a component vendor in the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner programme, on Thursday reported that it has released ComponentOne Scheduler for LightSwitch, a ready-to-use LightSwitch screen that will enable users to complete intuitive scheduling.
V6R1 compliant and including advanced FTP scripting language, Job Scheduler v 4.
When the scheduler is ready to transmit a series of nominations to the pipeline.
We begin by identifying the need for a new model of scheduling, using evidence from previous research on models of the human scheduler.
CEO Software has listened to its clients and incorporated many of their enhancement requests when developing Scheduler Plus 8.
Three of the four offices used networked computers that permitted schedulers to access the same Excel document; the fourth location had no network interface, so the scheduler had to drive to another office to update the spreadsheet.
Call Center Scheduler, a provider of workforce management software for small and medium-sized call centers, has announced that its latest software release, Call Center Scheduler 4.
Macro Scheduler lets you create macros to control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to scheduled events, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys.
Among networked computers, some sort of software scheduler must act as a referee to regulate data flow.
The scheduler, which presents data in tabular and graphical formats, even provides for scheduling activities like outside contract work and mold sampling.