scheduled maintenance

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maintenance at a regularly scheduled time

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To use the Scheduled Maintenance Guide, drivers need only select the make, model, year and trim of their vehicle.
The network also includes a major service center located in Reno, Nevada which provides all levels of scheduled maintenance and engine/APU line maintenance services.
Our complimentary scheduled maintenance program - a benefit many would not have previously associated with the Kia brand - fulfils those expectations.
EDL also announced that the upcoming holiday season would see an extension of the hours of supply after the company completed scheduled maintenance to other areas of the power grid.
The aircraft reached the Malaysian Airline System Berhad (MAS) facility in Malaysia for scheduled maintenance at the final stage for the launch of the airline.
Tool maintenance is scheduled by cycle count, and an automatic warning can be programmed to alert the user when there are a certain number of cycles to go before the next scheduled maintenance.
In the same way, regularly scheduled maintenance can keep your Macintosh OS running smoothly.
Nation's Largest True Brake Specialist Now Provides Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Ernie von Schledorn Volkswagen, a VW dealership in Menomonee Falls, recognizes the importance of high-quality maintenance, giving car owners the choice of two different prepaid scheduled maintenance plans: Volkswagen Care and Volkswagen Care Plus.
15rmi6 095, fully managed with telematics systems, for the award of "support activities for scheduled maintenance and corrective of rolling stock assigned to the regional directorates lazio campania-piedmont-sardinia-tuscany.
L-P), Portland, Oregon, USA, will be taking 65-70 days of downtime for scheduled maintenance and other projects among 12 of its 15 North American oriented strand board (OSB) facilities.
Regularly scheduled maintenance check-ups and annual overhauls help to ensure dependable, efficient operation, even on the coldest day of the year.
Processors tell how scheduled maintenance keeps their molds healthy and part quality in top shape.
Services include all levels of scheduled maintenance from daily line checks to heavy depot level maintenance.
para]]Ernie von Schledorn includes no cost scheduled maintenance on new lease or new vehicle purchase[[/para]]