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Step three is to determine an appropriate plan of care by developing a treatment plan that includes nonaddictive pharmaceutical and other treatment modalities and referrals, determining criteria for success and failure of treatment, providing informed consent relative to risk/benefits of any scheduled drug prescribed and scheduling regular monitoring of patient condition, laboratory results, side effects, etc.
McElroy that she can't prescribe the appetite suppressant except with great difficulty because in Ohio it's a scheduled drug.
either as a result of scheduled drug sales or for the purpose of purchasing scheduled drugs or facilitating scheduled drug sales with others.
Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss was sentenced Monday to six months of home detention for using methamphetamine and failing to submit to a scheduled drug test, but told the judge: ``I hope you don't see me in this courtroom again.
Scheduled drug requirements are encountered commonly in hospital and office-based settings.
She yesterday pleaded guilty to 12 counts of making a copy of a false prescription for a scheduled drug with intent.
The maximum retail price ( MRP) of a scheduled drug formulation is fixed after adding statutory duties such as excise duty and valueadded tax ( VAT) to the price determined under the order.
England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson's plans were thrown into disarray by his players' threat to boycott Saturday's Euro 2004 qualification match in defence of Ferdinand - who was not considered for the squad after missing a scheduled drug test.
I would use more sibutramine in light of the efficacy, but I can't because it's a scheduled drug in Ohio.
The actor admitted during a probation hearing that he had been missing scheduled drug tests.
Downey was jailed after he missed scheduled drug tests while on probation.
He admitted during a hearing that he had missed scheduled drug tests.
By making steroids a scheduled drug, Congress recognized the seriousness of the steroid problem and enhanced the ability of law enforcement to address the problem.
McElroy is that although these two trials have convinced her that sibutramine is first-line pharmacotherapy in BED on the basis of its efficacy and tolerability, she can't prescribe the appetite suppressant except with great difficulty because in Ohio it's a scheduled drug.
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