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Synonyms for scheduled

known to be about to arrive

Antonyms for scheduled

planned or scheduled for some certain time or times


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The Army doesn't want scheduled services done too early--that would result in waste because parts and lubricants would be disposed of before they have to be.
Allow yourself about seven days after your scheduled release date for your September 30 financial statements -- assume 10/27 is the date scheduled.
On a scheduled retirement of a debt instrument, the issuer is treated as paying, and the holder is treated as receiving, the projected amount of any contingent payment due at maturity.
Tax benefits attributable to temporary differences that will result in future deductible amounts that are scheduled in the indefinite column generally cannot be recognized.
Scheduled to participate in the multidenominational service are the Rev.
is designed to solve that problem and ensure that a job is scheduled so that it not only will be completed on TABULAR DATA OMITTED TABULAR DATA OMITTED time, but also as efficiently and economically as possible.
Once Aurora has created a schedule, it displays it in a series of graphical images that allow the user to see the scheduled activities, resource allocations and the temporal relationships among the activities.
1 include the ability to print graphical views of schedules, interactive calculations of scheduled hours during the scheduling process, support for international date formats, improvements to printed schedules, a new two week schedule report, an integrated software update function, the ability to email schedules, and other refinements to improve usability and customer satisfaction.
For example, a school of 1,000 with a near final master schedule may see the number of students scheduled go from 75 percent to 85 percent.
ReadiConvene integrates industry-leading Polycom MGC features, such as on-demand or scheduled conferences, automatic transcoding, security, reliability and redundancy, with ReadiManager scheduling and management applications onto a single platform; simplifying conference network set-up and usage.
8 billion euros, net earnings of 220 million euros, Iberia is Europe's most profitable scheduled airline.
In addition, detailed notes can be added to each scheduled appointment, as well as to the contact record itself, making it ideal to provide directions to service staff or specific instructions for customers.
return the scheduled work orders to Ghirardelli's ERP system.
This new version also includes utilities that simplify the migration of existing Cron jobs from Unix and Linux platforms, the ability to manually restart individual jobs in sequenced job chains, and management of scheduled tasks with an easy-to-use visual Job Set Editor.