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Synonyms for schedule

Synonyms for schedule

a series, as of names or words, printed or written down

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

to enter on a schedule


to plan the details or arrangements of

to set the time for (an event or occasion)


Synonyms for schedule

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

an ordered list of times at which things are planned to occur

plan for an activity or event

make a schedule

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Landscape contractors should maintain a work schedule calendar to show the work for the current month and the following two or three months to help ensure a steady flow of work for about a three-month period.
First, the schedule must act as a tool for reducing cost by continuously driving down manufacturing cycle times.
Medical treatment for injured workers costs more and prices are growing faster in states that don't have fee schedules, concludes a new study.
CF Schedule meets these needs in a solution that is intuitive and easy-to-use for both the practice and their patients."
The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) is another survey of a nationally representative sample that includes data on work schedules. The SIPP found that in 2014,43.0 percent of all children lived with a parent who worked a nonstandard-hour schedule.
Immunization schedules: For health care professionals.
In accordance with transition rules for TY 2012, Schedule UTP is required for corporate tax returns that meet the first two criteria above and that report $50 million or more of total assets on their tax return balance sheets.
In June, Bill White criticized the governor for "working part time" after his schedule for the first six months of 2010 showed an average of seven hours per week in state work and 38 weekdays with "no state scheduled events." Perry responded that he simply doesn't write down much of his work for the state.
Under the new schedule, the first inbound weekday train will leave Worcester at 5:43 a.m., 23 minutes earlier than the current time, and is scheduled to arrive in Boston at 7:12 a.m., 12 minutes earlier than the existing schedule.
The staff coordinator can now produce specific schedules to display scheduling information in the desired format.
"Using EsquireConnect allows clients to schedule depositions nationwide through their local Esquire office, giving our traveling clients one familiar point of contact," added Roger Murray, executive vice president of Esquire Deposition Services.
* The establishment of accurate baseline cost and schedule estimates
As a result of the tight schedule, no parish visits or free evenings are being scheduled.
By spring it will offer 150 weekly flights from KEF, a 17% increase over the 2006 schedule. Oct 18, 2006
Key feature in this release include: Team Scheduling, Seat Limit Scheduling, Holiday Fairness, Day of Week Fairness and Schedule Trading enhancements.