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Synonyms for scented

Synonyms for scented

having the sense of smell


filled or impregnated with perfume


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having a natural fragrance

(used in combination) having the odor of

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While seasonal scents are usually more popular among air-care products, retailers would do well to keep a pulse on what is happening within that market when marketing or introducing own-brand scented products.
However, about one-third of women, across all demographic groups, only use a scented body product.
Until our EPA and FDA can assure safe labeling enforcement, should we be making wildlife and our pets, which have scent sensitivities vastly greater than ours, live in and navigate our personal tangles of chemically scented air?
If you have an archway or pergola choose from a variety of scented climbers including honeysuckles, wisterias, roses and jasmine.
It is possible to combine natural fragrances for the best results and Gardeners' World has created a scent wheel, similar to a colour wheel, to match scented plants to bring out the best in each other.
In one study, the authors had 151 participants evaluate pencils that were unscented, scented with pine scent (common), or scented with tea tree scent (uncommon).
To Windley's amazement, it then marched straight to his scented cotton ball, drawing to a textbook, broadside pose.
1 : to become aware of or follow through the sense of smell <The dog scented a rabbit.
NEW YORK -- Potpourri, scented reeds and scented candles have long been popular with consumers as a way to personalize their homes.
Now he's hoping to capture that same feeling with a line of naturally scented candles.
NEW YORK-It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas for those buying scented candles in the fourth quarter.
For example, Pichersky and a large collaboration of researchers working primarily in Israel, a flower-exporting country, compared the genetic activity of Fragrant Cloud, a scented rose cultivar, with that of Golden Gate, an unscented one.
And even though you always see characters on TV spray themselves fully dressed, scented products contain alcohol, which can stain your clothes.
Typically, the dog is scented at the intersection, and the direction of travel is established.