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Synonyms for scent

Synonyms for scent

the quality of something that may be perceived by the olfactory sense

a sweet or pleasant odor

evidence of passage left along a course followed by a hunted animal or fugitive

the sense by which odors are perceived

a piece of information useful in a search


to perceive with the olfactory sense

to fill with a pleasant odor

Synonyms for scent

a distinctive odor that is pleasant

an odor left in passing by which a person or animal can be traced

catch the scent of

apply perfume to


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This is a lick-the-spoon aroma with a rose scent mixed with the fruity, sugary notes of ripe strawberries.
Summer may not linger long, but its scents stay in the memory - freshly-cut grass, salty sea air, and the heady perfume of a rose garden - all evocative of lazy, sun-baked days.
According to the study you asked about, it turns out there's an important catch when it comes to the scent-driven marketing of food: The researchers found that whether or not a scent triggered a craving was directly related to the amount of time someone spent smelling it.
Lahore -- The Body ShopA(r) Pakistan exclusively launched the new range of fragrances, Scents of Life in Packages Mall, Lahore.
If scent is added to the plastic lure, the oil in the resin literally traps the scent inside the lure.
But 90 seconds more will satisfy your senses, according to a new study on humans who were exposed to the scent of strawberries, apples, biscuits and pizza to see how it impacted their cravings.
Whether it is the smell of rain falling after a long summer or of freshly cut grass, or the scent of lavender or rose that was long pressed in the middle of a book, scents evokes emotions and feelings.
Scentsmith Perfumery, which means an expert on scents, offers the public just that - an unparalleled knowledge and leadership on the art of scents.
The Holiday Limited Edition Perfumed Hand Cream Miniature Set consists of six different scents of perfumed hand creams reminiscent of life on Jeju Island, where innisfree owns and operates Green Tea fields that are USDA organic certified.
A dog can also identify which side of his nose a scent is closer to.
Chandler Burr Curator for The Art of Scent Exhibition at the Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall , Dubai.
Running until July 12, The Art of Scent Exhibition is organised by Perfumery & Co and curated by former New York Times Perfume Critic, Chandler Burr, in collaboration with Art Emaar.
Hasbro announced that the iconic PLAY-DOH scent, known and "loved" by fans around the world, is officially recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a registered trademark of the brand.
GSM Outdoors announces its acquisition of Scent Web, maker of scented foam spray for the hunting market.
A few weeks ago, Play-Doh made headlines for the comic description of its signature scent that accompanied its trademark filing.