scavenger cell

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a cell that engulfs and digests debris and invading microorganisms

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This protein, an enzyme, is a broad-spectrum bioscavenger found throughout the body--in the liver, small intestine, kidney, lungs, testes, and scavenger cells.
The immune system's scavenger cells then degrade the beads by snatching them up, before attempting to digest them with acid.
FREE radicals are scavenger cells that cause damage to healthy cells.
Important soldiers in the war against infection are scavenger cells called macrophages, which chew up invading bacteria and deliver pieces of them to CD4 T white blood cells.
The scavenger cells attack the particles, releasing toxic substances that cause inflammation.
But a more effective approach may be to block the recipient's antigen-presenting cells (APC), scavenger cells that actually trigger the T-lymphocyte attack.
The first four cells in each line are roughers and the last five are scavenger cells.
He and his colleagues verified that bacterial products stimulate the TH1 response and that this response involves roving scavenger cells called macrophages.