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Synonyms for scatty

lacking sense or discretion

lost in thought

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I don't think she's letting you down intentionally and, having been through divorce myself, I understand why she's scatty.
Coleen says I DON'T think she's letting you down intentionally and, having been through divorce myself, I understand why she's scatty.
Her parents are separated and she lives with her overprotective dad (Considine), probably just as well as her mum (Williams) is scatty and a bit hopeless.
Cecil's three-year-old was sporting a hood, and the trainer explained: "I've had them handmade in the Czech Republic, they have got foam rubber in the ears and I used them on three fillies last year that were a bit scatty.
By the time Claudia Winkleman, Miranda Hart and relic from the past Ruby Wax were trying to be endearingly scatty crawlarsing to warlord Dave Cameron, I'd lost the will to live.
But the cast fling themselves at the scatty material with gusto, not least Nicole Kidman in an eye-catching supporting role as the arch-nemesis, who doesn't know the meaning of defeat.
Liverpool for their part, were a bit scatty against Hull City at the KC Stadium It looked like being another one of those occasions when Liverpool would struggle to take something from a game they wee predicted to stroll.
The Scatty Landlord - Seems to be on the ball but then repeatedly forgets to make arrangements for the property - needs constant reminding of tasks.
The Irish rover brings his scatty phrasing to a collection of country classics (and three of his own new compositions that fit right in with the `50s-through-'70s, Nashville tavern vibe).
This is the nicely scatty site of the aptly named Belgian, Regine Debatty.
An extremely honourable mention, too, for Les Jukes, a terrifically crusty ex-army type, making his Hall Green debut, for Christine Yapp's scatty Miss Maple and the Cleese-like butler of Bob Levis.
Anna's guide is the scatty Yuki (Kang Hea-jung), who's seven months pregnant, and her driver the maverick K (Jang Hyun-sung).
As in "He's a versifyin' fool" It's difficult to say what these scatty monologues are.
She is a little bit kooky and scatty, but she probably wouldn't be if she didn't have ghosts in her life.
When James decided to leave after four successful series, her character married and was replaced by the scatty Carol Boswell (note the surname), played by the late Elisabeth Estensen.