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firearm that is a double-barreled smoothbore shoulder weapon for firing shot at short ranges

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The club adopted a scattergun approach to player recruitment A generation of United supporters seem to have been spoilt by success.
Of the major brands, only Bassett's reduced both total promotions and the average % saving, Nick Bunker, Kraft UK president, accepts promotions have an important role to play in confectionery, but says their benefits could be undermined if retailers and manufacturers adopt a scattergun approach.
For Romanov then entered the fray with another scattergun statement which was distasteful and irrelevant in equal measure.
Try and find a link between the bodies and groups, and don't have a scattergun effect.
lt;p>"The hackers are becoming smarter, exchanging the traditional scattergun approach for carefully considered attacks, targeting fewer websites with higher traffic and multiple pages generating a more effective and efficient attack.
But he said there was no need for "a scattergun of initiatives".
A no-prisoners-taken broadside or a scathing scattergun slamming of those Jose finds detestable.
Bruce Hopkins' Shotshells and Cedar Shafts contains one serious hunter's fond recollections of special days spent afield with recurve bow and scattergun.
However, it has to be remembered that technology deployed must be consistent with the specifies of the company's security policy, not a scattergun approach.
In addition, rules meant to give certainty to taxpayers regarding entity classification are becoming so beset by scattergun anti-avoidance fears that certainty is being lost.
If you're thinking the company is taking a scattergun approach, think again.
Roger Small, president of Scattergun Technologies Inc.
There were distinctly odd and eyebrow-raising moments amid this scattergun attack on the archives - why, for example, did England goalkeeper Peter Shilton feel the need to invite Blue Peter's John Noakes and Peter Purves to a training session involving an assault course and some strenuous gym work?
The club a scattergun approach recruitment Remember how close Fergie came to getting the boot in 1990 before a Mark Robins goal at Nottingham Forest put United on their way to an FA Cup triumph, which was to be the first trophy in a great club's most successful era.