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Synonyms for scattergood

a person who spends money or resources wastefully

Synonyms for scattergood

someone who spends money prodigally

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Sweney Cartwright financial advisors and associates are expected to become part of Boenning and Scattergood bringing with them approximately USD 700m of assets under control.
This proposal was nothing more than a selfindulgent power grabAndrew Scattergood, FBU West Midlands Secretary
As managers, Akins and O'Brien spent June through August researching homelessness --a topic chosen by the Scattergood Foundation --and conducting informant interviews before announcing the challenge.
Ms Scattergood thanked him for coming along to the college to talk to the students studying on full and part-time courses at the centre.
It is by no means easy to delineate a clear trajectory here, but Scattergood confronts and clarifies the various contradictions apparent in Skelton's writing (his changing views about Wolsey, for example), and interprets them as the inevitable results of his strong, often irascible, engagement with events taking place around him.
Transmission and generation in medieval and Renaissance literature; essays in honour of John Scattergood.
Acting chief executive Michele Scattergood said: This is a landmark anniversary for our Liverpool team, which provides an outstanding service to disabled adults across Merseyside.
Anne Scattergood, 77, was being brought from Beaumont Hospital to the Mater in Dublin in July 2009 when an intra-aortic balloon pump stopped working.
Incorporated is the sole book-running manager and Boenning & Scattergood, Inc.
At the end of the week, the pupils gave a presentation to a panel of three dragons, which included Matthew Scattergood of Newcastle-based law firm Eversheds, and Vicki Mains, assistant manager of Sainsbury's supermarket, in Durham.
POLLY SCATTERGOOD Bunny Club A spooky track from this singer/songwriter who looks too sweet and innocent to write such dark lyrics.
Perhaps it is possible to say that holographic art has reached a degree of maturity when there is an exhibition such as that currently at Jonathan Ross' Gallery 286 in London, displaying the work of Martin Richardson and Paul Scattergood.
John Scattergood. Manuscripts and Ghosts: Essays on the Transmission of Medieval and Early Renaissance Literature.
BWS Financial's Khorsand and Boenning & Scattergood analyst Debjit Chattopadhyay see the deal being positive in terms of cash that Isis would be receiving and expect the company to focus on its pipeline after the deal.