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occurring or distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals in time or space

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"Then let us find it," replied the Wizard, and so all got down on their hands and knees and began examining the scattered pieces.
A piece of his left knee is missing, having been lost years ago when he scattered himself too carelessly.
The Yellow Hen had sharp eyes and could put her head close to the various pieces that lay scattered around.
"If we did, we'd leave these folks scattered," she returned, and this retort made everybody laugh good-naturedly.
"But I don't like to leave all these poor people scattered," said Dorothy, undecided what to do.
But they get dreadfully scattered and mixed up, at times, and then you can't do anything with them."
They lie either scattered and single, in which case they are never hatched, and are called by the Spaniards huachos; or they are collected together into a shallow excavation, which forms the nest.
It is evident that there must at first be some degree of association between at least two females; otherwise the eggs would remain scattered over the wide plain, at distances far too great to allow of the male collecting them into one nest: some authors have believed that the scattered eggs were deposited for the young birds to feed on.
Here and there they were scattered, nearly fifty altogether, in that great gulf they had made, overtaken by a death that must have seemed to them as incomprehensible as any death could be.
The survivors of the people scattered over the coun- try--leaderless, lawless, foodless, like sheep without a shep- herd--the thousands who had fled by sea, would begin to return; the pulse of life, growing stronger and stronger, would beat again in the empty streets and pour across the vacant squares.
"These scattered tribes come, one and all, under the title of Nyam-Nyams, and this compound word is only a sort of nickname.
He stopped, leant against the trunk of a tree, and gazed without seeing them at some stones scattered on the bank of the dry river-bed.
to get rid of his scattered holdings on the various creeks, and without thanks to any one he finished his conduit, built his dredges, imported his machinery, and made the gold of Ophir immediately accessible.
Dual attenuation technology (DAT) is said to be a unique technique that controls the level of light entering the sample, as well as controllling scattered light going to the detector, according to the manufacturer.
A radiation receiving system is positioned relative to the sensor region to transform radiation scattered by the objects to locations on the scatter detector based on the scatter angles of the scattered radiation.