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Synonyms for scatterbrain

a flighty and disorganized person

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This profligacy raises a question: What is so intellectually or culturally empty in these scatterbrain Texas towns that watching male teenagers violently hitting and mauling each other fills the void?
The specifications may be too basic for a technophile, but the VF 150 is a perfect buy for those who want their devices fuss-free (think grandparents) or those who can't help forgetting their phones in restaurants, cabs, etc (think scatterbrain aunt).
22) Bernice Thurman Hunter: That Scatterbrain Booky, 1981
This earned him a stinging rebuke from Napoleon for having disobeyed orders to pursue the Russians "with your sword in their kidneys" and instead behaving "like a scatterbrain.
The usually dippy cleaner makes a truly beautiful bride - and Charlotte will be cheering along with the soap's army of fans as her scatterbrain character finally ties the knot with her dream man next Sunday.
Half an hour later and I'm engrossed in Little Miss Scatterbrain, when I spot Wayne, slumped in a nursing chair, nappy pail in hand, cot blanket over his shoulder and a weary smile on his face.
However, there's so many of them, inventive scatterbrain Wallace decides to combine the Bun-Vac with his new Mind-o-Matic machine to brainwash the rabbits into wanting to eat cheese rather than vegetables.
We were just playing a scatterbrain offense because nobody knew what to do.
I have been a bit of a scatterbrain in the past but I am now keeping my concentration.
Recently dismissed Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill stated in his book that the planning for an invasion of Iraq was well underway before 9-11 and found himself denounced as a scatterbrain who didn't know what he was talking about.
And his former boss at St Andrew's, Barry Fry, believes that when it comes to the crunch, the scatterbrain striker will provehe is top banana in the management stakes.
Actress Nora (Angeline Ball) has returned from the USA, Kate (Zara Turner) has a career and scatterbrain Stevie (Susan Lynch) is a mother and wife.
One of the things that has come out from police, prosecutors, and defense attorneys is that if you see one partner being calm, slick, smooth, and saying, "Mary Smith is just a scatterbrain that needs help, and this and that," and the other person is scattered, disorganized, and speaking disjointedly, then you arrest the slick organized one and not the one who's disorganized.
Take it down Tear it up Turn it over Make it new out of old makings: exert what that venerable scatterbrain in Weimar once called the Power of Pulling Yourself Together whereby the master is first revealed.
A person of extremes, who can be a scatterbrain and a devil woman at the same time, Dolly makes many attempts at improving her life only to be scared by the unknown.