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Synonyms for scatter

Synonyms for scatter

to cause to separate and go in various directions

to disappear by or as if by rising

Synonyms for scatter

a haphazard distribution in all directions

the act of scattering

to cause to separate and go in different directions

sow by scattering

Related Words

cause to separate

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Patricia, 70, said: "The family were all meeting at Trebarwith Strand so we could scatter the ashes of my daughter, Shane's sister, who died a couple of months back.
8221; The creative ways people scatter ashes is unlimited.
In addition, HSOP voids are of the appropriate size to scatter light in their own right, adding to the opacity of the film.
For your basic scatter you'd maybe get a nice blend, like Johnnie Walker," he told me.
Unlike the rounded droplets on a fogged surface, the resulting film of water can't scatter light.
Engineered for synergy with carbonates, fine platy pigments notably improves print quality, while increasing light scatter, brightness and opacity in the coating.
Static measurements rely upon the inverse relationship between particle size and the angle at which the particle scatters incident light.
The Rayleigh ratio, R[theta], represents the relative ratio of the scattered light, taking the angle of scatter and the distance of the observer from the scattering particles into consideration, and it is directly proportional to I/[I.
Dr Sandip Raha, spokesman for the Wales Puja Committee, said: 'In this country, people scatter the ashes on a river, some take them to the Ganges.
It was in Minimalism and post-Minimalism--the stack and scatter works of Richard Serra and Eva Hesse, for example--that sculpture renounced its old elevation from the ground, on base or pedestal, and stretched out low on the floor.
In a recent survey, consumers gave low marks to the importance of having bath and scatter rugs made of 100 percent cotton, compared with higher figures for bath towels and bedding.
The back scatter optics in the recently introduced Malvern HPPS (High Performance Particle Sizer) are enabling the accurate measurement of a range of high concentration samples without the need for dilution.
Just as each water droplet in the fog scatters light, so small components of tissue scatter light.
Low scatter fields were defined as those in "which the underlying principles are well developed, the literature is well organized, and the width of the subject area is fairly well defined" (p.
1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- It's not uncommon to scatter ashes from airplanes, but a company in Boulder has taken final disposition of cremated remains to a new level.