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Synonyms for scatter

Synonyms for scatter

to cause to separate and go in various directions

to disappear by or as if by rising

Synonyms for scatter

a haphazard distribution in all directions

the act of scattering

to cause to separate and go in different directions

sow by scattering

Related Words

cause to separate

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As one of God's most beautiful places on earth, Sedona offers a blessed surrounding to scatter ashes to the heavenly winds.
In addition, HSOP voids are of the appropriate size to scatter light in their own right, adding to the opacity of the film.
Most of the x-rays pass through the sample, but some x-rays scatter as they encounter inhomogeneities in the material.
Data processing of light scattering runs had to be performed carefully and this was due to the amount of scatter (noise) produced by the data.
As white light passes through, gas molecules grate the white into all the colors, and they scatter in slivers.
The apparatus comprises a radiation source for emitting a beam of radiation relative to an axis and a sensor region for receiving elongated objects, which is arranged relative to the beam so that the objects scatter radiation in a forward direction.
Fogging occurs when water droplets from moist air condense on a cool surface and scatter light there.
The edges tend to scatter light in the same way as smaller particle and so tend to skew the size distribution toward smaller particle sizes.
In lipemia, chylomicrons and VLDL are suspended particles that scatter light, producing cloudiness or turbidity similar to that seen in milk.
Program inputs and outputs are typically maintained in centralized datasets residing on long-term storage subsystems, so data parallel applications must typically scatter portions of the input dataset to each compute node, then gather partial results and combine them into the final output.
(Transplanted, 2001, is thirty-two inches high; the other works reach a maximum of four and a half inches.) It was in Minimalism and post-Minimalism--the stack and scatter works of Richard Serra and Eva Hesse, for example--that sculpture renounced its old elevation from the ground, on base or pedestal, and stretched out low on the floor.
In a recent survey, consumers gave low marks to the importance of having bath and scatter rugs made of 100 percent cotton, compared with higher figures for bath towels and bedding.
The unique back scatter optics in the recently introduced Malvern HPPS (High Performance Particle Sizer) are making possible the accurate measurement of a range of high concentration samples, such as suspensions and particularly emulsions, without the need for dilution.
The back scatter optics in the recently introduced Malvern HPPS (High Performance Particle Sizer) are enabling the accurate measurement of a range of high concentration samples without the need for dilution.
Different components in skin and tissue scatter or refract light differently, and that is why skin and tissue are opaque.