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Synonyms for scatology

something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency

Words related to scatology

a preoccupation with obscenity (especially that dealing with excrement or excretory functions)

(medicine) the chemical analysis of excrement (for medical diagnosis or for paleontological purposes)

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Clearly, there is much more reason to refer to Ibn Daniyal as the "Arab Aristophanes" than the fact that both were gifted poets with an unusual willingness to utilize sexual material and scatology.
On the other hand, it is well-known that a child's sexuality is not thoroughly developed and is located roughly around the rear organs of the human body, being very often confused with scatology.
This book contains several major categories of abhorrent and offensive trivia including scatology (the study of feces), genitalia, prostitution, pornography, sex acts, sex machines, cannibalism, bestiality, crime and punishment and lots of other stuff.
Loud, offensive swearing and scatology has become routine for too many Americans in too many places.
The self-described "shock artist" who was charged in connection with films featuring scatology and bestiality that he directed or distributed, said he aims to "challenge the viewer.
His defense was to immerse those linear maritime spoilers in the ecstasy of scatology by transmitting his "viral symphOny" that has now become a masterpiece.
He went on to regale partygoers at the Parkside Lounge with real tales of sacrilege and scatology from the road.
At this turn from eschatology to scatology, Sancho inquires about compensation for his service: "querria yo saber, por si acaso no llegase el tiempo de las mercedes y fuese necesario acudir al de los salarios, cuanto ganaba un escudero de un caballero andante en aquellos tiempos" (1.
Zygmunt Baranski published an article on that episode, and observed that many Dante scholars react "with disdain and embarrassment to the mix of scatology and obscenity" therein.
Alissa Nutting's debut, winner of the sixth annual Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction, is a sequence of surreal narratives combining the genre bending of Kelly Link, the dystopian angst of George Saunders, and the absurd scatology of Adult Swim cartoons.
The movie does away with the stream of conscious games and tells the story in a straightforward way, which is suited to the Swiftian scatology that illuminate the "Intimate" part of the title.
Hence, perhaps, "sitting on your face"a freighted image that implicitly conjures charges of misogyny and/or of an overreliance of sexual scatology (both of which are charges that have been levied plentifully at Roth in the past).
Cipri and Maresco, on the other hand, although equally disturbed by the omnipresence of television, decide to use the piccolo schermo's powers to depict, through the lens of scatology, the irredeemability of Western culture in general and Sicilian society in particular.
Abbott at least offers some broad (albeit rather silly) humor, as opposed to the puerile scatology of Peterson and Nicolle.
One naughty but nice suggestion: Resort to scatology.