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Synonyms for scatology

something that is offensive to accepted standards of decency

Words related to scatology

a preoccupation with obscenity (especially that dealing with excrement or excretory functions)

(medicine) the chemical analysis of excrement (for medical diagnosis or for paleontological purposes)

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Both, because the poem soon descends into scatology and coprophagy anyhow; or neither, because the punning is missed by both.
Clearly, there is much more reason to refer to Ibn Daniyal as the "Arab Aristophanes" than the fact that both were gifted poets with an unusual willingness to utilize sexual material and scatology.
Not much we can do about that beyond trying to use the language properly without excessive scatology and profanity.
The self-described "shock artist" who was charged in connection with films featuring scatology and bestiality that he directed or distributed, said he aims to "challenge the viewer.
It will be said that one thing is Joaquin Belda's pornography (which I do not remember having read) and another, James Joyce's occasional scatology, whose historic and aesthetic values nobody can deny.
Thus, Layton holds that "sex and scatology are a necessary antidote to the prevalent gentility and false idealism" (Wild 48); that he himself runs "directly counter to the entire Christian-humanist tradition" (Wild 42); that the poetry "of the past 2000 yrs has been vitiated by Christianity and its flattering illusions about man & nature" (Wild 89); and that "Man can only live by shedding blood--and [his 'dilemma' is] he has his conscience against him" (Wild 93).
The movie does away with the stream of conscious games and tells the story in a straightforward way, which is suited to the Swiftian scatology that illuminate the "Intimate" part of the title.
Alissa Nutting's debut, winner of the sixth annual Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction, is a sequence of surreal narratives combining the genre bending of Kelly Link, the dystopian angst of George Saunders, and the absurd scatology of Adult Swim cartoons.
Cipri and Maresco, on the other hand, although equally disturbed by the omnipresence of television, decide to use the piccolo schermo's powers to depict, through the lens of scatology, the irredeemability of Western culture in general and Sicilian society in particular.
47) An even clearer indication that Aristophanes sees no essential difference between discourse and flatulence is the prevalence of scatology in his comedies.
Abbott at least offers some broad (albeit rather silly) humor, as opposed to the puerile scatology of Peterson and Nicolle.
One naughty but nice suggestion: Resort to scatology.
The band have been combining garage, blues and folk music with a scatology of Biblical stories, nursery rhymes and fairy tales for the past year or so and six months ago received a 9/10 "Single Of The Week" review in the NME.
Scatology functions less as an irreverent topic intruding on His Holiness' visit to Uruguay, and more as commentary on the political tension between the ruling oligarchy and its citizens.
Crouched, later, in that state of betrayal that comes from learning some green things aren't good, considering the law of averages, inertia--that any body in motion stays in motion unless faced with an equal or opposite force--peer pressure, scatology, the projected near immediate devastation of world forests should certain highly populated nations generally adopt the US model of toilet paper consumption, germ theory, my own role in depressing the mean average of common human hygiene, I knew I never wanted to be anywhere near that state again.