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in a scathing and unsparing manner


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The report scathingly pointed out that an overall plan as to how Canada plans to achieve its target has yet to be established by the federal government.
Cairo: Egyptian Prime Minister Ebrahim Mahlab has ordered suspending the screening of the controversial film Halawet Ruh (The Sweetness of Ruh) after it had been scathingly assailed for alleged immorality, local media reported on Thursday.
The report scathingly referred to human rights conditions in North Korea as "deplorable," citing the government's continued tight control over almost every aspect of society.
Hannes Swoboda (S&D, Austria), scathingly commented, on 15 January, that Cameron "does not have the courage of an outright line of action".
The Foundation's previous offer of PS450,000 offer was scathingly dismissed by director Sergejus Fedotovas.
A scathingly funny lampoon on hypochondria and 'quack' medicine, this tour de farce follows a highly successful run at Newport's Dolman Theatre.
That is certainly the case with this production of Moliere's final play, The Hypochondriak, a thoroughly enjoyable and sometimes scathingly funny lampoon of hypochondria and the quack medical profession.
MQMs leadership is violating the Article 6 of the Constitution; why to abuse the Army and talk of martial laws, Iqbal said scathingly.
The statement came a week and a half after a scathingly critical report of the changes, seemingly written by a group of highly professional scholars, was sent to English-speaking bishops' conferences around the world (NCR, Nov.
In June, two additional invited projects were developed during the "Entre-doux" (or in-between) phase, Dieudonnee Niangouna, of Congo-Brazzaville, worked on his scathingly comic play S.
It was scathingly criticised by McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh as "not what you would expect to see in Formula One, more reminiscent of junior formulae.
Queenan is best known for scathingly funny attacks on idiot movie stars and America's delusional ruling class.
I think it is very important in international relations that countries say what they mean and mean what they say," Miliband added scathingly.
Egypt, which has been scathingly criticised for constructing an underground barrier wall along its border with the Gaza Strip, is unlikely to turn its back on the Palestinian movement Hamas, whom official Egyptian media accused of killing an Egyptian border guard, according to an analyst.
Their relationship eventually became sexual, a development the youngster's parents scathingly condemned as a "complete betrayal" of trust.