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run away


Synonyms for scarper

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MID-AIR MUGGING AS PAIR OF BULLY BIRDS SWOOP ON TERN FLIGHT Tern drops its fish and scarpers before the skua start scrapping
Paul can't face going to prison and scarpers, but Jack catches up with him and offers him pounds 10,000 for his travels - or pounds 30,000 when he gets out of prison.
40pm A WOMAN probing her husband's past is horrified to discover he's already married, But he promptly scarpers with their children, leaving her to track down his first wife so the two of them can exact revenge for his scheming ways.
But how will Tina feel when Peter scarpers leaving her on her own again?
But a fire on the cooker sets light to a gas pipe - and while Nick scarpers, Bradley Branning is left lying in the inferno.
IT'S hardly surprising Gordon Brown emerged from the Northern Rock scandal totally unscathed, because he did what he always does in a crisis - he scarpers and lets someone else take the rap.
Hollywood sex symbol Sharon Stone seems to have a reluctant co- star in tow as she scarpers through the streets of New York.
Vik scarpers to the sun with Maria to escape his debts but Steve finds out he's stolen from Streetcars.
The builder scarpers and I leap to my feet, drenched in red wine.
USUALLY when The Beautiful North hears the word Police, he scarpers - but this time it's worth hanging around.
USUALLY when Irish Heartbeat hears the word Police, he scarpers - but this time it's worth hanging around.