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a long steep slope or cliff at the edge of a plateau or ridge


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a steep artificial slope in front of a fortification

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Both are characterized by low-lying granite scarps that distinctly outline partially in-filled shallow basins.
Soils from a total of 4572 locations amounting to 20495 samples were analysed making the SCARP the largest soil sampling exercise conducted for Australia in which all data required to quantify soil carbon stocks and composition were collected.
Scarps are complicated financial products which provide income to customers but also expose them to the risk that they lose all or part of their initial capital.
A remarkably linear, 20 km long, 10 m high, northwest-trending, west-faring scarp between Thornloe and New Liskeard (Fig.
A local source of sediments is the till scarp between the beach and Merivalja Jetty.
This section of shoreline consists of Spartina marsh growing out into the GIWW with no visible scarp at the water's edge.
The plastic container and package recycling project will process 18,000 tons of plastics per year, the fluorescent light recycling project will have an annual processing capacity of 1,200 tons, and the scrap wood recycling project will recycle 18,000 tons of scarp wood annually.
I see the imprint of a hand, or a foot,'' said Garcia, 78, studying the strands of moisture leaching from the 600-foot scarp above his home.
But Gilmour and fellow promoter Barry Hearn, who outbid Frank Warren to stage the scarp, have yet to tie up a television deal.
My family had a house there - in Little Langdale, overlooking the tarn and squared up to the scarp of the mystically-named Wrynose Pass - long before the entire region was plundered and taken over by retired dentists from Manchester.
During subsequent monitoring from 1997-1999, a scarp face (a cliff caused by soil displacement) developed at an elevation of 493 meters (1,615 feet), facing toward the US 58 ramp.
Crawford returned to haunt his former club along with striking partner Craig Brewster as the 10-man Pars won this battle in the scarp for UEFA Cup places.
Similarly, at Union City west-dipping reflectors beneath the scarp face appear truncated on the west near the base of the scarp, and auger data suggest a fault.
Thus we have the Manitoulin Scarp bordering Georgian Bay in the Bruce; the Scarp of Valleys which extend deeply inland further east along Georgian Bay; the Earthen Scarp stretching south toward the town of Belfountain where moraines and glacial debris bury the underlying structures; and the relatively well known Southern Scarp which is largely dominated by steep cliffs stretching to Niagara Falls and into New York State.