scarlet woman

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a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for payment

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e pals have refused to let the ban get them down, and are still welcomed elsewhere on the high street in their mobility scooters emblazoned with signs for their alter-egos - the Silver Lady and Scarlet Woman - and heart-shaped badges on the back, advising: "Love is all you need.
And her sisters insist her image as a scarlet woman is wide of the mark.
The others are a frenetic Freezing Fire, a moody Scarlet Woman and a seriously funky Mysterious Traveller.
Wear it brave and bold or safe and subtly - you don't have to be a scarlet woman to wear this season's hottest shade If you want to make an impact this month then be sure to revel in the hottest shade of the season.
SCARLET WOMAN The sexy 40s siren look was huge on the catwalks, as seen on the models at Valentino and D&G.
The Telemundo "review" has real potential to merely whitewash the station management's role in the affair and paint Salinas as a scarlet woman.
This Leather Clara double zip shoulder bag has room for all the essentials, PS95, Accessorize Be a scarlet woman with these
he may look like the sweet girl next door, but over the years Maria Connor has proved herself to be something of a scarlet woman with an often torrid love life.
She also proved to be quite the scarlet woman in a red two-piece set complete with suspenders.
I NEITHER know nor really care whether Angela Dawes, the latest lottery multi-millionaire, is or isn't a scarlet woman, far less a monster mother who threw her 12-year-old son out of both the family house and her life.
2005: Scarlet woman Leanne Battersby set pulses racing when she embarked on a steamy affair with factory boss Baldwin while still bedding his son, Jamie.
The whole village is talking about Cai and Ffion's affair and how Ffion's developed a reputation as a scarlet woman.
Pick striking eyes or bright I lips but never both or you'll look more scarlet woman than Scarlet Johansson.
Apart from the interestingly Freudian dressing of the Mother/Witch as a torchy scarlet woman, all the characters are clad in brightly basic calico, with the fabric of Gretel's decidedly short smock stiffened to such an extent that it constantly bulges out front as well as showing her knickers more often than not.