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puncture and scar (the skin), as for purposes or tribal identification or rituals

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scratch the surface of

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break up

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The easiest way to scarify is to use a springbok rake and to drag it across the lawn quite firmly.
Faisal Mikdad stressed Saturday that the Syrian people directed through the presidential elections a clear message to the western countries that they will not surrender and will scarify their souls in defending their sovereignty and independence.
Hi Ray, The best time to scarify your lawn is when it can recover from what is a harsh but ultimately beneficial process - so that's either at the beginning of the growing season or towards the end.
Continue to scarify lawns with a spring-tine rake to remove all remaining debris, including moss.
Scarify and aerate established lawns and top dress with garden soil ?
Q Last year I applied feed and weed with moss killer to my lawn but I was not able to scarify the grass.
Scarify and spike the lawn, and throw away the 'bits'.
Continue to scarify lawns with a rake to remove all debris, including moss.
Scarify and aerate established lawns to reduce compaction and top dress with a mixture of sieved garden soil and sharp sand.
Khalid Khawaja has embraced Shahadat and Almighty Allah may accept his scarify, Shamila told a private TV channel on Friday.
Scarify your lawn using a spring-tine rake to remove moss and thatch.