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puncture and scar (the skin), as for purposes or tribal identification or rituals

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scratch the surface of

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break up

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1999) reported that scarified seeds germinated over a wide range of alternating temperatures (15[degrees]/6[degrees] to 35[degrees]/25[degrees]C with 12 hours at each temperature in continuous darkness) with no differences between dark vs.
We rely on fire to regenerate the actual plants - the seeds need to be scarified by fire in order to germinate.
The pale surfaces are scarified and delicate, while the black ones are tarry, reflective, unfathomable.
The seed should be applied only after the surface has been well scarified.
A newly scarified lawn always looks awful, so if you've never done it before, don't be disheartened - it'll look fine in a couple of days.
In a statement issued CPNE also expressed its deep concerns that Balochistan journalists are working in worst law and order condition, around 30 journalists have scarified their lives in the line of duty but not a single killer has been arrested so far which has resulted increase attacks on journalists and media houses.
The Mufti urged work to correct mistakes and help in building a national culture that stands in the way of the alien intellectual invasion of society, hailing the sacrifices of martyrs who have scarified their blood for their homeland.
Courageous parents of the martyr were proud of their son, saying others sons would be scarified for the homeland if needed.
For her latest series, it is as though Opie blew up the scarified scenario to life size and animated it.
The coalition has, from the first hearings, presented practical alternatives, such as landfilling on the already scarified land, long haul to remote sites, new environmentally friendly technologies, increased recycling and composting.