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puncture and scar (the skin), as for purposes or tribal identification or rituals

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scratch the surface of

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break up

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Among the following treatments: mechanical scarification, chemical scarification treatment, mechanical scarification followed by immersion in water for 2 hours and total seed coat removal, there was no significant difference (p > 0.
Mechanical scarification and total seed coat removal were not significantly different to each other (p > 0.
Mechanical scarification showed significantly better results when compared with seeds without seed coat.
For seeds directly sown in soil, the chemical or mechanical scarification of seeds followed by water immersion for 2 hours provides increased emergence and higher emergence speed.
nummularia seed and scarification with sandpaper and or treatment with sulphuric acid.
In physical treatment, known as scarification, sometimes the seeds are rubbed on sandpaper manually.
nummularia seeds is physical kind which inhibits seed imbibition or gas exchange and the best seed dormancy breaking method is scarification of seed coat with sandpaper.
Physically intact seeds were used to determine the effects of mechanical, thermal and chemical scarification compared to the control (no scarification).
A total of 8 treatments were employed, consisting of no scarification, chemical scarification, thermal scarification in hot and cold water for two or four minutes and mechanical scarification with four replications of 20 seeds being used for each treatment.
92) (Table 1), and the results of this treatment differed from those of all other types of scarification.