scarf joint

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a joint made by notching the ends of two pieces of timber or metal so that they will lock together end-to-end


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The finger-joint has the advantage of being smaller than a scarf joint, has been shown to have the required strength for structural applications (Madsen and Littleford 1962, Selbo 1963, Tuvey 1998), and is relatively easy to produce.
The development of the raking joint and scarf joint techniques determined the shape and appearance of the finished building, revealing a new roundwood aesthetic.
True scarf joint Here, you plane and sand perfect, long, wedge shapes into the edges of sheets and epoxy and tape them together on what will be the inside and outsides of the boat, then fill and sand the joint smooth so they won't show when painted.
A finger-joint is a multiple scarf joint, shorter in length than most scarf joints, that can be utilized to manufacture lumber in practically unlimited lengths.
The joints can be just as simple as that, but somewhere in the building you're likely to find more complicated variations such as dovetail joints, scarf joints and haunched half-laps, not to mention rafters cut to fit with intricate compound angles.
The various builders were ingenious in their use of mortise, tenon, and scarf joints, and "wooden nails" to join the heavy truss members.