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provoking fear terror

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I'll be watching avidly, drinking tea from my Really Scarey Pink Spider mug, planning my next local shopping expedition and keeping a worried but hopeful eye on tomorrow's match against the All Blacks.
Soundtrack is heavy on creaky doors, dripping water and scarey atmosphere, which pay reduced dividends as pic proceeds.
The first time was definitely the most scarey, but it was so cool
A scarey Crystal Quest adventure forms part of one of the caves and the really brave can try caving, climbing and abseiling.
But his insistence in singing the praises of G M foods in such a gung-ho way is scarey.
Clearly indicating the idea, it's the government's money that they are expending on you--a pretty scarey [sic] prospect for a country that believes in free enterprise and democracy.
The birthing videos were as scarey as the horror films.
At the end of a busy day filled with lots of fun, and a few scarey moments, baby monkey finds his way back to mother's loving arms.
At medium to high price points, it is a bit scarey for the consumer to invest in brights.
Mae'n swnio'n scarey ond ro'n nhw mor bositif am y peth, ac ro'n i'n meddwl taw dyma shwt beth fyddai fe i fod yn rhan o'r deuddeg disgybl.
But before the breakthrough, a nervous Emirates Stadium crowd - which witnessed the first home defeat in 17 months to Hull on Saturday - had a scarey sense of defensive deja-vu from the Frenchman's team.
Nevertheless, the price plunge, when replacing the vehicle,can be scarey.
When I came out, this guy said to me, 'You've broken your neck', which was a bit scarey at the time.