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Synonyms for pants


Synonyms for pants

underpants worn by women

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Warne scared the pants off the South African batsmen in Australia last winter.
More formidable than Gordon Ramsay and more glamorous than Nigella, Fanny Cradock scared the pants off 1970's TV viewers.
It was an adult and unflinching look at some very 21st century lives, which obviously scared the pants off a lot of blokes.
Havant and Waterlooville scared the pants off Liverpool at Anfield last season.
And last night's werewolf will have scared the pants off more kids than Jacko.
If texting has scared the pants off you in the past, this could be the mobile to get you started.
Scrum-half Gareth Cooper and full-back Gareth Thomas also contributed before Jones dived over as Wales scared the pants off eventual World Cup kings England before going down 28-17 during their quarter-final clash in Brisbane.
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