scare away

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The presence of alpacas is enough to scare away most foxes.
Lives have already been lost in Cuba because of the regime's policy of keeping these issues in the dark, so as to not scare away tourists and their hard currencies.
I was put here to scare away the birds but they come no matter how hard I try I've stood and acted all tough and macho but Crows still poke me in the eye.
The rain bucket in the federal capital, as per routine, scare away motorists and bikers as the water flooded on main roads especially at Sultan Bahu road, Jasmine road and Nazimuddin road.
Melbourne, Dec 16 (ANI): A Danish politician has come up with a unique way to scare away immigrants.
The animal is known for his ferocious attitude to scare away the monkeys and is being used as an effective tool for the games.
The robo-raptor is being tested near the airport to see if it can scare away flocks responsible for a big increase in the number of birds being sucked into plane engines.
Earlier, bird watchers called for it to be banned because the group's music is so loud it would scare away endangered species for ever.
THE first falconers hired to scare away troublesome seagulls in Rhyl will be featured on TV.
A HALLOWEEN fair and laser show are being lined up to scare away the ghosts of recession from one of the region's market towns.
During the all age/family service the congregation thought about the image of the scarecrow - a 'distorted image of a person meant to scare away the birds so that crops could grow'.
But birds aren't easy to watch--they're actually too easy to scare away.
If US conducts drone strikes then these will scare away the hearts and minds of the people in the province, he said.
If an animal is afraid, pulling the hairs up makes the animal look larger and may scare away other animals.
Their most effective method: Using a large monkey called a langur to scare away the smaller ones.