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Synonyms for scare






Synonyms for scare

Synonyms for scare

sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events

a sudden attack of fear

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Annabelle' Halloween Scare On The Ellen DeGeneres Show: TV Host Scares Producer Andy Lassner With Annabelle Doll [WATCH VIDEO] - [(http://au.
This departure from sound science and good sense subsequently marked the BSE crisis and almost all the food scares that have followed.
Combining the theory with epidemic modelling showed that a health scare was likely to have a stronger influence on whether or not to vaccinate than subsequent education campaigns.
The air service averaged between 60 to 90 passengers per week prior to the war and SARS scare, then plunged to between 20 and 30 passengers, he says.
Restrained by temperament from scare tactics and gutter responses, Calderone lost the initiative , but by the 1980s sex education was becoming an unintentional beneficiary of the twin furors over the "epidemic" of teenage pregnancies and AIDS.
Stepping into the breach left by the anthrax scare are many online service providers.
The scare has put his release from hospital back almost a week.
Joy quotes a friend of his, the avant-garde computer scientist Danny Hillis, who explains why the new technologies don't scare him: "I'm as fond of my body as anyone, but if I can be 200 with a body of silicon, I'll take it.
This mid-1960s population scare was a tremendous boon for contraceptive imperialism.
But I find it intriguing that these latest eruptions over the public status of scientific "truth" should emerge, on both sides of the Atlantic, as events set apart from "ordinary life" and described in the affective language of hoax and scare.
com Annual Scare Video Contest is becoming a Halloween tradition.
LOS ANGELES, May 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting at 7:00 pm PDT today, Scare to Care kicks off its 48-hour gaming marathon fundraiser to benefit Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization that hosts yearly camps for the children of cancer patients.
Idon't know which was worse, the MMR scare or the HRT scare.
Washington, Mar 24( ANI ): Julia Roberts has admitted that she loves to scare her children but has had to "tone it down" as she liked it a bit too much.