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Synonyms for scarce

Synonyms for scarce

not enough to meet a demand or requirement

rarely occurring or appearing

by a very little; almost not

Synonyms for scarce

deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand

only a very short time before

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43) His discussion of cornucopians and neo-Malthusians sides squarely with the latter, and he gives seven reasons why cornucopians cannot assume that human beings will be able to use their ingenuity to overcome scarcities as they have in the past.
53) Over the years, Homer-Dixon has gradually retreated from this position to argue that "under certain circumstances, scarcities of renewable resources .
It could be that nation-level studies, like those mentioned above, fail to capture the effect of resource scarcities that arise locally on the propensities for conflict.
Homer-Dixon, "Environmental Scarcities and Violent Conflict: Evidence From Cases," International Security 19, no.
7) Homer-Dixon, "On the Threshold"; Homer-Dixon, "Environmental Scarcities and Violent Conflict"; Homer-Dixon, Environment, Scarcity, and Violence, and Homer-Dixon and Blitt.
We prefer the latter term and will attempt to use that throughout the article in order to try to separate the idea of scarcity of resources from the concept of processes of environmental change that are assumed to cause such scarcities.