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Synonyms for scarce

Synonyms for scarce

not enough to meet a demand or requirement

rarely occurring or appearing

by a very little; almost not

Synonyms for scarce

deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand

only a very short time before

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From The Big Pivot: Radically Practical Strategies for a Hotter, Scarcer, and More Open World, by Andrew S.
The automation segment s process automation and control solutions are planned to meet the rising needs of Metso s clients to develop production process efficiency as raw materials and energy sources become scarcer.
The committee's report into the Government's plans for conserving scarcer water resources in the face of climate change and population growth, outlined in the Water White Paper, warned more urgent action is needed by ministers.
The cost of living is soaring, with rocketing food and fuel prices and jobs are becoming scarcer by the day.
The woman's saccades were shorter and scarcer under hypnosis, the team reports online October 24 in PLoS ONE.
And, fair enough, this is a problem, though hardly a surprising one in an area where jobs are scarce and getting scarcer.
She noted that Morocco is adopting a renewed water and environment strategy, knowing that water resources are becoming scarcer as a result of climate change.
WITH global temperatures rising and water set to become even scarcer than it is now, effective cooling is a priority for manufacturing plants throughout the Middle East.
Goods then rise in price, not because goods are scarcer than before, but because dollars are more abundant.
While economic growth is expected to recover, finance is likely to be scarcer with increasing risk aversion as well as a tightening of financial regulations in high-income nations.
While freshwater and wastewater management are typically local issues, increasing global attention has been paid to collaboration, innovation, and management of water as it becomes a scarcer resource for societal uses.
As the world's farming lands and savannahs dry up and water becomes scarcer thanks to climate change and mismanagement, the future of the world as we know it and its resources are becoming less certain, scarcer and more unpredictable--more like deserts in fact.
We show that financial literacy is lacking among older individuals and for the first time explore additional questions on financial sophistication which proves even scarcer.
But as Brazil and Argentina develop new types of GM crop, and the availability of non-GM feed becomes scarcer, those countries could be forced to turn to other markets if the EU fails to clear the new crops for use in the union.
Neonatal intensive care and specialist paediatric services also became scarcer in the public sector, according to data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.