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Synonyms for scarce

Synonyms for scarce

not enough to meet a demand or requirement

rarely occurring or appearing

by a very little; almost not

Synonyms for scarce

deficient in quantity or number compared with the demand

only a very short time before

References in classic literature ?
Why, you had scarce gone ere this loathly John came running back again, and, when I oped mouth to reproach him, he asked me whether it was indeed likely that a man of prayer would leave his own godly raiment in order to take a layman's jerkin.
She cannot flee, Since her few tatters scarce suffice to clothe Her shrunken limbs.
Even in the city streets as we came through I scarce saw sign of a human being, yet all about are evidences of a mighty population.
There are scarce a thousand of us left, who once were numbered in the millions.
Thuvia could scarce repress a smile as she noted the scrupulous care with which Jav's imaginary men attended to each tiny detail of deportment as truly as if they had been real flesh and blood.
The sun was shining brightly now, and though the baby still slept, Jane could scarce restrain her impatient desire to have at least a brief glance at the beloved face.
It scarce seemed credible that he could be serving her from motives purely chivalrous.
It occurred instantly to her, that Jenny had scarce ever been out of her own house while she lived with her.
During twelve days that he had been wandering alone through these savage mountains, he had found scarce anything to eat.
When the party reached the place, they found the poor fellow lying on a parcel of withered grass, wasted to a perfect skeleton, and so feeble that he could scarce raise his head or speak.
Stuart, however, was so exhausted by the agitation of the past scene, acting upon his emaciated frame, that he could scarce crawl to his miserable couch; where, notwithstanding his fatigues, he passed a sleepless night, revolving upon their dreary situation, and the desperate prospect before them.
I was scarce back on my rock (where I went always the first thing after I had eaten) before I observed a boat coming down the Sound, and with her head, as I thought, in my direction.
And even as it was, I had paid for it pretty dear, not only in past sufferings, but in my present case; being clothed like a beggar-man, scarce able to walk, and in great pain of my sore throat.
She had fallen thus many times before, so that she had no particular terror of a fall--it was the delay which appalled her most, and rightly, for scarce had she scrambled to a place of safety than the body of the huge ape dropped at her side and a great, hairy arm went about her waist.
For several minutes they lay with scarce a struggle.