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scarabaeid beetle considered divine by ancient Egyptians

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Nothing should tempt me to part with that scarabæus.
It was a beautiful scarabæus, and, at that time, unknown to naturalists - of course a great prize in a scientific point of view.
For my own part, I had charge of a couple of dark lanterns, while Legrand contented himself with the scarabæus, which he carried attached to the end of a bit of whip-cord; twirling it to and fro, with the air of a conjuror, as he went.
The scarabæus hung quite clear of any branches, and, if allowed to fall, would have fallen at our feet.
I made no doubt that the latter had been infected with some of the innumerable Southern superstitions about money buried, and that his phantasy had received confirmation by the finding of the scarabæus, or, perhaps, by Jupiter's obstinacy in maintaining it to be "a bug of real gold.
You remember;" said he, "the night when I handed you the rough sketch I had made of the scarabæus.
I began distinctly, positively, to remember that there had been no drawing upon the parchment when I made my sketch of the scarabæus.
I reasoned, for example, thus: When I drew the scarabæus, there was no skull apparent upon the parchment.
It is not improbable, then, from what you have explained," said he, "that among the catacombs near the Nile there may exist other mummies of the Scarabaeus tribe, in a condition of vitality?
90] was measured with a rubber process analyzer type Scarabaeus SIS V50 (Scarabaeus Mess-und Produktionstechnik GmbH, Langgons, Germany).
New research confirms that at least one species of African dung beetle, Scarabaeus satyrus, uses the Milky Way as a guide to steering its dung ball home.
This study was undertaken primarily to obtain data on kleptoparasitic Sphaeroceridae, which were extremely abundant on Pachylomerafemoralis Kirby (the largest scarabs visiting dung), but were absent on the co-occurring smaller scarabs, including Garreta nitens (Olivier), Scarabaeus damarensis Janssens and unidentified species of Sisyphus Latreille.