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It also reported that this technique is generally applied for the collection of moths, scarabaeid beetles (Lepidoptera, Scarabaeidae), and some Hemiptera and Hymenoptera.
Other important foods (in order of decreasing abundance) were beetle larvae other than scarabaeids, adult scarabaeid beetles, caterpillars, fungi of the family Endogonaceae, spiders, fly larvae, earthworms, seeds, other insect larvae, and snails.
Mites in this genus have occasionally been observed eating eggs and larvae of scarabaeid beetles.
Large hard-bodied prey, such as scarabaeid beetles (maximum size in North America >100 mm; Arnett, 1985), only occurred in the diet in trace amounts.
The activity time, body size and manner of transporting scats are the main strategies for resource partitioning among Neotropical scarabaeid beetles (Halffter et al.
Among the beetles, scarabaeid beetles predominated at the Frump Farm, at Oakland City College N, at Rushville, and at Williamsport, whereas Diabrotica was predominant at Mecca, Trimble, Roachdale, Vevay and Westport.